Kerri Puckett

Consulting & Sales

Kerri has 3 years experience within the Insurance Arena at A&B Insurance and Financial. She chose to position herself with this company because of their solid industry reputation and product portfolio. Kerri works with her clients to develop tailored health and life plans which fit their lifestyles, health routines and budgets. Her solution driven thinking with the policy holder in mind allows her to provide solid insurance plans and benefit structures which make sense. She has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and an Employment Background in Proposal Development and Job Creation Strategies. In the present she is working diligently to digest and understand how Healthcare Reform Changes will be implemented in the US Market so that she can help her clients navigate important policy decisions both now and in the future. Kerri works with all age groups of individuals (ages 19 – 104), and believe it or not her oldest client in Florida is 104 years young. Kerri is contactable both at the office in Tampa, FL and through multiple streams online. She would like to invite you to stay connected by joining her network of Floridians and Followers on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube coming soon.

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