Health Plans

Health Plan

All plans listed are available with all three Florida Blue Networks: Blue Select, Blue Care and Blue Options. There are also Catastrophic plans available based on age. Plans are available on marketplace and off marketplace. What you pay in premiums will be based on your income. Plan availability is also based on income. Based on your income you may qualify for a subsidy in the form of an Advanced Premium Tax Credit. Cost share plans are only available in the Silver medal level if your income is 100% to 150% of the Federal Poverty Level you qualify for a C variation plan where the actuarial value is increased to 94%. People with incomes between 150% and 200% of FPL can enroll in a B variation plan where the actuarial value is increased to 87%; and people with incomes between 200% and 250% FPL can enroll in an A variation plan where the actuarial value is increased to 73%. 

A fourth variant is a zero cost-sharing plan that is as available to certain Native Americans and Natives of Alaska. This will further reduce out of pocket costs and increase your benefits. Additionally if you are under 218% of the FPL with children, those children will have to access Healthy Kids or a state program. You are also eligible to purchase an unsubsidized plan at this time. There are four medal levels. Platinum is the highest level and has a 90/10 actuarial value. Meaning your plan will pay 90% of your insurance claims and you will be responsible for 10%. Gold plans have an 80/20 actuarial value, Silver plans 70/30 and Bronze plans 60/40. As always if you have questions about any of this please contact your agent.