2016 Payment and Billing Questions and Answers

Posted January 11th, 2016 by Rob Anderson

There have been some recent issues surrounding Payment and Premium Billing for Florida Blue Under 65 ACA 2016 Polices. Most other carriers involved with offering coverage through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) are also experiencing the same scenarios. These issues have effected both new applicants, and existing Florida Blue customers who have changed their plan for 2016.

First and Foremost, Binder Payment Due Dates for Under 65 ACA Plans with January 1st, 2016 Coverage Have Been Extended Through January 31st. Binder payments for January 1st individual coverage will be accepted through January 31st. The date has been extended to January 31st to allow for easier and more convenient collection of binder payments and to increase member access to health care coverage. The deadline communicated to customers will remain the date shown on the member’s binder letter. However, payments will be accepted through January 31st, 2016.

This applies to all new and current members who received their bill late, have a due date that has passed or may not have even received their bill yet. We strongly urge and advise not to attempt to pay your bill until you receive it and have your Billing ID, also known as your Case ID. Confusion has been caused when people have renewed after Dec. 15th due to the passive renewal process set forth by the Federal Government. This means if you had a United Healthcare Policy in 2015 and decided to move to Florida Blue for 2016, depending on your application date, you might have been passively renewed into your United Healthcare Policy. This would cause you to get bills from both FL Blue and United Healthcare causing additional confusion. Until you pay your current FL Blue premium the policy will not go in force. Many people who were set up on Auto Pay may have gotten a charge from their previous carrier also causing inaccurate billing. The extension through Jan. 31st will allow you to wait until you get the correct bills and case numbers to make payments.

Additionally, Florida Blue members with missing applications or who were cancelled in error due to unforeseen enrollment issues related to healthcare.gov will have their ability to pay and or access care effected. This is part of the reason you may have not received the correct bill. The data transfer from the federal government has caused this unfortunate situation. These issues will be worked out by Jan 31st. This also includes new applicants and existing members who changed their plan for 2016. If a member has an urgent care need they will be assisted in making a payment and accessing care. Rest assured we are doing everything we can as an agency to correct these issues. Should you have immediate questions or concerns please contact your agent. We are dedicated to resolving any and all issues. Be on the lookout for a bill with the accurate premium payment and case ID. Some of you may have already received your correct bill and there are two easy ways to pay.

1. Use the link and case number


2. Call with case number

Call 1-855-805-8175

We don't advise mailing in a payment but if you choose to, write the your CASE ID in the memo and always keep a copy for your records.

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